Monday, July 19, 2010

Becoming “that girl”

It’s happening more and more frequently these days. Someone will tell me about a project they’re working on and I will assault them with a barrage of ideas about how they should be promoting it online.This advice is rarely solicited and it’s probably appreciated just as infrequently.

And yet, I cannot stop.

Going in a charity run? I’ll invent another angle for it and upload training updates to a youtube account. Got a small business? I’ll offer to start a blog for you. The list goes on.

I wonder if I’ll run out of friends before I run out of time to maintain all these things I am volunteering for. Whatever happens, I’ll probably tweet about it.


JoPaul_10 said...

YouTube training updates for a charity fun-run/event? What a great idea, Kate!

"Whatever happens, I'll...tweet about it." Thank you! Your ideas (and musings) are interesting and great reads.

Kate.Elinore said...

Thanks, JP. Yeah... I am not sure about you, but I get so many emails saying "I'm doing a fun run please click here to donate." I feel as though there needs to be more of a driver sometimes.